Do You Like Music And Art?

How about being immersed in it?

The Hijacking Music Festival is our way of bringing together a community of people in order to celebrate just that.

This year is the 3rd Hijacking Music Festival, and the first time we’ll be bringing in bands from outside of Atlanta.

What People Are Saying

“Hijacking Music Festival made my insides glow!” – Nic Phoenix – Doobious

“I seriously can’t wait for next year’s festival. The music, art, food, venue, and lovely people in attendance were perfection. ” – Christina Abdelnour – Promising Chord

To say the least, the night was filled with amazing skill from across the creative spectrum, and all who were in attendance shared the same appreciation for those that were passionately expressing themselves.

What is Hijacking Music?

Hijacking Music is a collective of musicians and artists who have united to help each other promote and facilitate creative music and art.

We try to hold a high standard for quality in everything that we do. From the artists we promote, to the venues we book at, the sponsors we work with, and all of the internal/external operations required to keep the ship sailing.

Our goals is to facilitate resources and support for artists we believe in.

Hijacking Music officially started back in 2008 and we’ve been working together to increase the exposure of the artists in our community ever since.

In 2010 we held our first Hijacking Music Festival.

Hijacking Music is primarily headed up by Bret Phillips, Sarah Wilson, and David Carter.